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A Precision approach to

plastic fabrication

CNC Machining

Custom CAD Design

Plastic Molding

Epic Manufacturing is a plastic fabrication shop located in Gilbert, Arizona providing high quality products of all types to a wide array of customers.

  • Custom fabrication with almost any material
  • CNC Machining and precision cutting
  • CNC and laser engraving for final touches
  • Experienced team dedicated to customer satisfaction

Any project, any size - we have you covered

With a highly experienced team and a wide array of professional machinery at our fingertips, we are ready to help you with your next individual, business, or corporate project.


Plastic Engineering

From large wine display cases to custom 4x4 accessories, we can do it all.

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Premium Business Signs

For outdoors or indoors, lighted or clear, we know we will do your business justice!

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High Quality Engraving

Using highly accurate machines, we are able to make the most intricate designs a reality

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Complex Assembly

Expert fabricators cut, bend, and join your pieces to create the most intricate products

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Our full Fabrication and Machining capabilities
at your fingertips

Our Team Delivers Exceptional Results

We are a growing team of skilled designers, fabricators, and machinsts in Arizona working to help create beautiful products for businesses and individuals. Business signs, retail displays, and custom designs are just a few things we specialize in.

Together with our knowledge of building and your vision, we can help you create any plastic, metal, wood, or other product. We turn around projects quickly and for an incredibly competitive price.

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We have an in-house team of experienced designers using sophisticated modeling software that can refine, modify, or completely design your idea from scratch!

From quick single run test items, to perfecting millimeter level accuracy - we can help you through any part of the design process needed to have your idea ready for the machines.

Once we have the design and specifications ready, our machines are ready to cut all types of plastic, wood, metal, and other materials.

With large bending and fabricating machines, we can then combine and modify all of the components as needed to assemble your final product

With a focus on customer satisfaction, we make sure all of our products pass through quality control processes that measure accuracy within one thousandth of a millimeter.

In the event that any issues arise or changes need to be communicated, our helpful staff is always able to assist you.

Some of our Recent Projects

American Dream Team Logo

Arizona Care Networks Signs

Engraved Stage Labels

Display Case for Engine Part

Our Own Downhill Derby Cart

Customed Plastic Parts with LEDs

Custom Plastic Organizer

Business Sign for Rainbow Ceramics

Customized Plastic Displays


A Team Dedicated To Customer Satisfaction

Our exceptional team members work hard every day
to make sure your project has excellent results

Are you ready to start your next project?

Let our industry experts guide you through the
full process of bringing your product to life

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